Thursday, June 1, 2017

Take a trip

Take a trip inside my mind, it’s where i go when I am bored,
I dream about having wings and visiting london and maybe
Go see the queen.
I wonder in the future what I’m going to be,
I wonder if i end up in at a casino in vegas or a teacher like mrs te whaiti.
One day i might decide, that i go travel the world
Or work at mcdonalds.
At times i feel,
Happy when i come home from travling. Sad when i don’t see my friends a lot.
Mad when my sisters annoys me.
When no one in watching, I daydream, I go on my mum’s phone, I eat food
I  think of  Candyland, what i am going to be and making new friends.
My hope is, I get rich when I’m older. Or get a good job.
This year i want to improving editing my work better,  and learn more
I can be found at the village pools,  at belle’s house or at a cafe.

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